Avalon Community Energy have a tight deadline in which to raise £50,000 to install solar PV on two extra roofs at Evercreech Junction.

Help Avalon Community Energy (not for profit community benefit society) raise £50,000 to install solar PV on two extra roofs at Evercreech Junction Business Park, Somerset.  Surplus income raised from solar generation is used to support local people and projects.

Thank you for looking at our ACE Crowdfunder.  Our request is a little unusual, but we have been given an incredibly short window of opportunity by the government regulator for  gas and electricity, Ofgem - who have granted 'pre-accreditation' for two extra roofs at our Evercreech Junction project (after almost a year of waiting!), which must be installed by 30th September 2016!

We have less than two months to raise the money and install the panels...

Through our previous share offers, we have raised £185,000 from social investors.  This money is enough to pay for the installation of solar PV on roofs of Brookside School in Street and three business premises at Evercreech Junction. Now, with pre-accreditation, we can put more solar PV's  on extra roofs at Evercreech - at a higher rate of 'Feed In Tariff' - than we first expected... but we can only do this with your help!

Every £100 donated will create £200 in 'Community Benefit' - and we would like to install as much solar PV as possible;  generate as much safe, clean, renewable energy as possible; and create the largest community benefit fund as possible!

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE !  So please donate what you can.  

Thank you

The Directors of Avalon Community Energy

Michael Penn, Juliet Yelverton, Maddy Milnes, Graham Lucas, Jon Cousins.

www.avaloncommunityenergy.co.uk  Photo by Lenulenac - CCO Public Domain