Identify your crowd

Single column right-hand block – leave one character when typing newthen delete to keep CSS class

This is the subheader – leave onecharacter when typing new then delete to keep CSS class

Section title – leave one character when typing new thendelete to keep

This is the paragraph to write the content in, if you want to add section to it with section titles, you willneed and extra snippet that has a single column section title and a paragraph. Make sure that you have theproper block/snippet and the styles look OK.

If not, that's because you either pulled the wrong block/snippet or you have deleted all the characters beforeadding your content. This content builder is a bitch, so you ALWAYS have to keep the last or onecharacter and go back and delete it after you have added your content.

ONLY ONE of this per page!!!!!

DO NOT copy and paste from word or pages etc!!!!

if you use the header styling from the top it will have different styles than the desired!!!!

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