Going offline

Going offline

Although most activity will take place online, you can still go out into the offline world to share your idea in person. This is particularly important if your project is rooted in a particular place – if you’re opening a new cafe or upgrading a community space for example.


Talk to people face to face. Drop it into conversations. Let people know that you’re working in something super exciting at the moment.EventsIf your project is very relevant to locals, attend as many community events and networking opportunities as possible to meet more people and spread the word. You can also research any relevant industry events or conferences and be sure to attend.Posters and flyersDesign a simple poster or flyers that you can put up anywhere and everywhere, including noticeboards, local shops, libraries, community centres, bus stops, co-working spaces or universities etc...PressIf you’re hoping to reach a wider audience, having your Crowdfunder featured in the press should be high on your priority list. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get any coverage straight away – be persistent and try a different angle.Unless your project has a big national impact concentrate your time on local media. Local news outlets love publishing stories local angles, so make the connection clear in your press release.Attach a selection of vibrant high resolution photographs with your press release. Include real people, not just product images and a mix of portrait and landscapeRead more in our packs for Planning, Creating and Running your project.

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