Using your dashboard

Using your dashboard

What the stats mean on your project

Your project dashboard is packed full with useful data that tells you how well your campaign is performing.

What’s working well? What’s working less well? 

Which rewards are most popular? Where are your pledges coming from?

Use this information to make decisions on where to focus your time and energy.

Expect a lull in pledges in the middle – stay positive, it’s normal. 

Some people will always wait until the end to contribute and most projects see a big surge in pledging in the final two days. 


Remember to keep an eye on your Crowdfunder analytics dashboard - follow the data.

Simon Walker, Head of Campaigns at

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Simon Deverell

"A four-week campaign gives you enough time to mobilise your supporters whilst maintaining a sense of urgency."

Sami Mauger

"A four-week campaign gives you enough time to mobilise your supporters whilst maintaining a sense of urgency."

Matt Giles

"Your campaign can last anywhere from a day to eight weeks, but it's important to understand that more time doesn't necessarily mean you'll raise more money. Four to five weeks is usually the sweet spot."

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