Big Boys Toys Event in Abu Dhabi

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Hey there!

I'm Fin, the owner and founder of Supercar Lifestyle, and I have been invited to attend and cover 'Big Boys Toys' as press/media, with access all area throughout the four day event.

So, what is 'Big Boys Toys'?

'Big Boys Toys' is an influential luxury lifestyle event based in Abu Dhabi; it covers aspects including supercars, aviation and marine. From here, I'll be bringing you daily videos diaries, photos and blogs of the event; it's an incredible opportunity for me and on top of that, an amazing experience!

Why pledge?

Not only will this be an incredible, once-in-a-lifestime trip, it will also be extremely beneficial towards my experience. I'll also post daily pictures and vlogs on Instagram and YouTube (coming this summer!) so you can see what I'm up to and so I can share my trip with you. The videos will cover every tiny detail, from travelling from England to Abu Dhabi, the flight, where I'm staying, and most importantly, the event - supercars, yachts, jets, what could be better!

Donations £10 and over will be rewarded, see 'Rewards' to see the benefits.


Thank you SO much for your help - you're awesome!


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