aaron bretland taekwondo

i'm Aaron Bretland a taekwondo athlete and i'm trying to achieve my goal of fighting for GB and making my family proud.

I'm Aaron Bretland and i am local taekwondo athlete from birkenhead that has been doing taekwondo for over 9 years and has to travel up to nottingham nearly every weekend to train with my team as there is not any local clubs that can help me achieve my goals in life. I have no father and my mum is mentally ill with severe depression and agoraphobia so she can not get a job to help me travel; up and down the country and country to country to compete and win medals. thereforem my grandmother, my biggest fan, helps by fundraising and doing what ever she can to help me get money and to compete in essential competitons.

taekwondo is an expensive sport and at one opoint i felt like quitting because we were running out of money and i didnt feel like i was good at the sport but when i got selected to fight for England in the commonwealth games in 2014, it changed everything around cos i believed i was good enough and then i ended up winniong a bronze medal at the commonwealth games.

would you donate to help me achieve my goal.