A story about friendship for kids

A story about friendship for kids

To publish a story book about 4 friends of different races and religions and how they conquer the racist and religious stereotypes they face

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We live in a world full of irrational fear and hate, kids are being brought up to be hateful of other races and this has to stop. my book is a story of 4 friends each of a different enthnicity and the racial problems they face in the real world and how to overcome them. The age demographic of this story will be for 10 - 15 year olds. This story will be set in london and revolve around real world events so that the reader can identify with the characters and situtations. This is not a patronizing childrens story but instead a more grown up approach that i think will resonate with the reader. 

There are many issues around the world involving race and religion, and it's far to easy to tar everybody with the same brush.

With this book i hope to explore all the different issues that surround the many different races  and religions that we have in a multicultural society, my aim is to get kids to realise that we are all just trying to get along and live a good life, the bad actions of a few should not reflect on everybody. It's so easy to portray everybody as the same as if were all one collective,

black people are gangsters, everybody from the middle east are terrorists, white people are evil. These stereotypes are pushed onto kids who grow up to be just as hateful as the people who taught them to be this way.  society is becoming even more racist and divided and i feel if something isnt done it's going to get a lot worse. im just one old man but if my book can convince even one child not to be hateful and racist of others then i have done my part.  If you feel like this is a worthy cause and would like to help me by donating i would be eternally greatful. thankyou.