A new social mobile application game

A new gaming app allowing two people from anywhere in the world to compete by pitch and toss, using real money.

This project comes back from the times when being young and having nothing else to do but toss coins against a wall and see who lands the closest. The winner of each round would of course win the money on the ground. 

The idea is to allow any two people from around the world to compete with eachother in the game using 1p, 20p, 50p or £1. Both parties would need to agree on the coin being used and competitors are allowed to carry on playing until one of them leaves the game. Players can randomly play with anyone available or they can choose to play with friends. 

After the game has finished, the total amount lost and gained will be transferred accordingly. A small percentage of any winnings will be deducted before paid into the winners account. 

The game is not designed to be for gambling but is to attract players on a regular basis playing for minimal amounts.