A new mattress for Debbie

A new mattress for Debbie

Debbie is house bound with terminal cancer . We are trying to raise money to replace her worn mattress which has become uncomfortable.

£1,486 raised of £5,000 stretch target 30 %
82 supporters 14 days left
This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 12:30pm 7th July 2017

New stretch target

Because all of you have been so generous we have stretched the funding to buy Debbie a really good mattress and with any money left over treat her to new duvets and pillows, sheets etc as she washes hers daily! 

Thank you so so much! Such a wonderful feeling that there are so many kind hearts out there! 

My beautiful friend Debbie has astounded me over the last few years. Her bravery  and acceptance  of  her situation has inspired me every day.  She copes with crippling pain with quiet resolve. She is fiercely independent and a proud single mother who  has always worked hard as a nurse helping others. Now, because of her health she can longer earm a living  and relies on a very small benefit each week to make ends meet.   In spite of this she has managed to put her son James through medical school and he is now about to take his final exams. He will make an excellent doctor! 

This obviously does not allow for other expenses and although she never complains, her mattress now has a real dip in the middle which causes pain in her back and legs. 

We would love to be able to present her with a new comfortable and more supportive mattress which would truly make all the difference in her last moments. Please help us - however little - it all adds up!

Many many thanks!