A kind of magic equine centre

A Community project Torbay, United Kingdom

A kind of magic equine centre

Equine assisted learning for Torbay youngsters in a peaceful, natural environment.

There are many children in mainstream schools in Torbay who find day to day 'formal' school a challenge. This may be de to socials, emotional or behavioural difficulties they face. We wish to give them some special time at our centre  where they can grow in confidence, independence and self - awareness while developing respect and responsibility - skills which can be transferrred to the school and family environment. They will set their own goals as to what they wold like to achieve each session with our ponies, whether it be to stroke one for the first time or to lead or groom.  Supported by our teacher trained staff we will reflect on each session through art, sculpture or watching a video / looking at photos of the session.

Spending time with ponies helps our minds to rest from the 'everyday' and helps to lower blood pressure, improving overall well being and happiness.

Please help us to help children who need support to achieve their potential, every child deserves a happy childhood . Help us to help pre schools and schools support children aged 4 - 11 years to be the best they can.