A Course in Miracles European Retreat Center

A Community project Coimbra, Portugal

For the longest time I have been having visions of a place in Europe for gatherings and retreats where small groups of committed...

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 4th Dec 2016 our project closed


of £286,200 target

17 backers


56 days

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For the longest time I have been having visions of a place in Europe for gatherings and retreats where small groups of committed individuals can come together to deepen their practice and study of the Course in Miracles.  Where they can come and be part of a shared experience.  A place where we can detach from the distractions of modern day living and be present to the still quiet Voice inside.  

Well this year was the year where I decided to develop Trust with our Inner Teacher and finally allow myself to co-create an experience with others who have the willingness to wake up from our collective sleep!  Ever since that declaration it has been a rollercoaster of dramas and conflict which has led me to this place!  The fearful  part of me which enjoys suffering and being a victim has attempted to sabotage the journey and at times has increased the levels of fear around me all because it would love for me to play it safe and stay within my comfort zone but I refuse to listen to its raucas shrieks.  Instead I have decided to manifest the vision and find a place where the principals of the Course become a lived experience for anyone who wants it.

On my recent search for such a place I found a hidden paradise in the mountains of Portugal which is up for sale and which I see as a Center for Inner Peace - a European Retreat Center for a Course in Miracles.  I do not have the funds to buy the property which currently stand at £286,000 so I have decided to go into the world and Course community and try and raise the funds.  

If you feel moved by this vision and would like to contribute and be part of founding such a place then please join with me in raising the funds.  I am not going to reward people with t-shirts and VIP treatments like some other crowd funding projects because this project is not about reinforcing the egos need for specialness but I am simply trusting that the Vision will speak for Itself and will connect with those who see the purpose in it.  To that end I leave it to you to see if there is any value in this endeavour.  And so it is...Amen