The Cedar By Cally

Peterborough, United Kingdom

Beautifully sleek, powerful wooden cased PC that can be completely hidden away in plain sight.

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 9th Feb 2016 our project closed


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So what is the The Cedar?

The Cedar by Cally is a powerful computer built into a beautifully crafted unique wooden case that sits perfectly on top of a desktop. The Cally PC will be built with the ability to be completely hidden in plain sight. This allows you to put your PC away and have a fully usable desktop.

But how?

The Cedar will be built with a removable 17" LCD screen that can be clipped and held in place by two powerful magnets hidden inside the case allowing the ability to have no wires. This can then be removed and placed in the drawer hidden to the right of the case which sits aside the wireless keyboard and mouse-pad. With the drawer being fitted with push open drawer runners it takes away the need for a handle or button to open. 

What are the specifications?

The computer will be a powerful PC with the following specifications:

  • Windows 10
  • Quad-core 2.5GHz Intel Core i7-4710MQ
  • 8gb RAM
  • 500GB SSD hard drive
  • 17" LCD screen
  • Multiple USB 2.0 ports
  • CD/DVD drive 
  • SD card slot


How will it be made?

The case will be crafted using a single piece of timber that can be chosen when ordering the Cedar. The Cedar will be created in two parts giving the customer the option to choose different types of timber for each piece allowing the customer to for example, have oak on the bottom and walnut on top which inturn means you can choose to have an even more unique PC. 

The top half will have the name Cally carved into the bottom left corner and the bottom piece will have 5 very small rubber feet to protect the surface the Cally PC is placed on top of, it will have vents cut to allow air flow through the case and will also house the fixings that keep the two pieces firmly together. Each piece will have the insides carefully cut out to hold all of the mechanical aspects of the drawer and the PC parts. 

The left hand side will be hold two small silent fans which will keep the pc cool, it will hold the CD/DVD drive and all of the USB ports and SD slot, all mounted on a dark grey mounting plate. The front of the case will have a thin line of warm white LED's that will alluminate once the PC has been turned on by pushing the small wooden button in the center. The right hand side will house the drawer which holds the screen and keyboard, which will open by being gently pushed. And finally the back of the case will house a further two silent fans and the power-cord plug. A battery will also be included in the case which will allow you to essentially charge your computer so you will not need to have it plugged in to use.

The cases will be made to order, this way the customer will know their PC is being made with love and care. The best part is they will be sent a small postcard size booklet with pictures of their own PC being built. 



So how is my pledge going to be used?

The £15,000 will be used for everything to get The Cedar to market. It will be used to purchase the specialised equipment needed to create such a machine and the parts needed to go inside. It will also allow me to have the 3d printed parts made and have the designs drawn up for future, for when someone orders The Cedar. It will be used to buy the different types of timber such as the Oak, Pine, Walnut etc and for these to be specially cut to fit the machine. What it will also do is pay for The Cedar to be tested to allow it to be legally sold and for the website to be created. All fundsleft over, if any are then used to start to market The Cedar so as many people as possible can see just what an amzing thing The Cedar is. So be one of the first to have The Cedar and Pledge today to get it started. Dont forget that if you Pledge #5 you will recieve all gifts which includes a 25% off voucher!

Ok, so who is Cally?

My name is Jake and Cally is the company name, which is named after my daughter Harper Cally. I am a budding entrepreneur and craftsman and I like to attempt to build and create the things people do not often try. I like a challenge and this is my biggest. 


So why support the Cally project?

By supporting the Cally computer project you are not only investing your hard earnt money into an amazing opportunity, you are also helping me create my dream.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support.

Any questions please ask.