Mama Muxima Orphanage Support Fund

Help three orphans in the Mama Muxima orphanage. Living costs in Angola are high, and one child is in desperate need of medical treatment.

OPSoC and Grupo da Amizade have paired together to help three recently orphaned children that have been taken in by the Mama Muxima Orphanage.

Name: Ivana Gueve

Age: 1


                         Ivana (1) 

Ivana's mother, age 16, most likely an alcoholic engaged in acts of prostitution, abandoned this little girl in the backyard of the orphanage. Currently the whereabouts of her family are completely unknown.


Name: Simaura & Maria Lúcia (Sisters)

Age: 2 & 3

Maria          Simaura

                            Maria (3)                                                                        Simaura (2)

Maria and Simaura have been abandoned by their parents. Since then Maria has become severely ill with a serious case of tuberculosis.


The orphanage is in desperate need of funds for schooling and medical treatment for these three children, particularly for Maria.

We are hoping to raise £300 for each of the children. In reality the cost in Angola nowadays is far superior to this value, but hopefully our small contribution can help to make a difference.

Please help us give these children a basic standard of life, and a promising future through health and education!

Feel free to visit the orphanages webpage for more pictures of the children:


Or the OPSoC website for awesomeness:

For photo's from our last charity event, a stationary collection run, check out these album:

Much love,


The OPSoC Committee


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