Brighton Photography MA Show 2015

Please help us raise funds for the 2015 Photography MA show at Brighton Uni so we can create a lovely catalogue for you to keep. Thank you!

Project aim

Hello, we are ten MA Photography students from Brighton University. Please help us raise funds for our MA show After Desire opening on the 18th September 2015 so we can create a lovely catalogue for you all to keep. Thank you!

About the project

We are a group of ten students aiming to raise enough money to enable us to create a catalogue and promotional material for our MA show in September 2015. For more information and visual reference to each artist please visit our website: and follow us on twitter If you are interested in a particular artists and their work, including for any reward you may wish to receive, then please get in touch and we will endeavor to accommodate your request. Thank you so much, we greatly appreciate your support. With love, the MA Photography students, Brighton University 2015.

Kirsty Thomas

Giola Cassar

Linn Kuhlmann

Sean Birnie

Patty Rentschler

Noora Pelkonen

Charlotte Lambert-Gorwyn

James William Murray

Nigel Tribbeck

Rachel Maloney