A Fairer, Cleaner and Greener Leicester & shire

To get Greens elected in Leicester Council. In order to do that we need funds to help tell people about their REAL alternative.

New stretch target

With further funding, we will be able to fund deposits for more candidates and put more resource into campaigns in those areas.

Funds for deposits and printing cosrts add up quickly and if we get a good way beyond this figure there is the possibility of training for our candidates and paying for leaflets for the General election.

PLEASE LETS NOT STOP AT £1000!  Lets push on to £3000 and get green candidates everywhere we can!

There is serious wave of Green support accross the counrty, and Leicester is no exception! Our aim is to get Greens elected in Leicester and Leicestershire and in order to do that we need funds to help fund deposits and tell voters about their REAL alternative.

We have saved money over the last few years and have enough to run a campaign in Castle ward and also for the deposits for a mayoral candidate and three general election candidates.   We also have some money towards a Mayoral election leaflet.

However we need further funds for printing leaflets and deposits for candidates in Harborough and North West Leicestershire where there is a lot of interest in the Green Party standing a candidate. If we get beyond this figure there are lots of ways of spending additional money including enhancing the Castle ward campaign, training for our candidates and paying for leaflets for the General election.

On the politically neutral website Vote for Policies (http://voteforpolicies.org.uk) it clearly shows that without faces, logos and colours to influence people, Green Party policies are hugely popular in the UK. Here are some results from Leicester:

More ways you can help

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IMPORTANT: Donations of over £500 have to be reported to the electoral commission by the Green Party to ensure these donations are made by UK nationals; political parties may not accept donations of over £500 from those not registered to vote. If you would like to give anywhere near this figure to help fund Leicester Green Party, then please contact us first - via the website or office@leicestergreenparty.org.uk