Big Brother Little Sister

An ethical training company that provides personal leadership skills to companies who have employees who need more confidence & self-esteem

Big Brother Little Sister is a BRAND NEW forward thinking company that designs and deploys inspiring, motivational and educational training solutions for people, communities and companies.

Our 'INSPIRED TO WORK - energised to Live' personal leadership course is designed to provide people with the right life skills so they can achieve their goals, have a successful career and live a wonderful life.

We provide companies with a set of training solutions designed to fill the skill shortages many people have when employed:- Confidence, self-esteem, communication skills, positive attitude, respect, integrity and a powerful believe system.

Skill shortages can be addressed through training, however in an age where technology is fast taking over the way we communicate with each other the core social interaction skills required to build positive relationships and work within a team based environment are slowing disappearing.

More human than ever are suffering from mental health issues, stress related conditions, low confidence and anger and this unfortunately seriously affects their productivity at work and often destroys their lives outside of work.

1: We assist companies by identifying and training the right candidates for their workforce

2: We empower people with the right life skills to have a long and successful career

3: We support people with a variety of personal development solutions to assist them and their families

4: We increase individual confidence and productivity, which reducing stress

Companies will be encouraged to use this course as part of the recruitment, induction and retention system.

Big Brother Little Sister is an ethical training company that recognises that the employees of a company are in many ways the companies largest and most important asset so providing them and their families with the skills to make their lives better can only serve to increase their productivity, drive and loyalty.

The BBLS website is up and running - 

We require financial support in the early stages of this community based business and are more than willing to share the success of the business with the right people.