Download 95 Tips For Crowdfunders From Crowdfunders

Based on talking directly to crowdfunding project owners, we’ve created a hotbed of advice, tips and crowdfunding methods for anyone looking to raise funds from the crowd. Our free PDF download includes information on:

What makes a great crowdfunding target

"Look at your network and work back to discover how much you think you can raise. It’s got to be big enough to be worth all the effort - but it’s also got to be attainable and realistic so you don’t waste your time." Sarah Bentley, Project Manager, raised £13,280 for Made in Hackney Community Kitchen, @Made_In_Hackney

How to create brilliant rewards for supporters

"Our rewards were a pretty close match to the value of the pledges but we had a few £100 and £200 rewards for those who wanted to pledge out of plain simple generosity and did extras like a special bbq or surprise gift." Liz Watson, Partner, raised £20,190 for Elephant Box, @ElephantboxUk

How to make videos for promotion of your idea

"Keep it short, to the point, clear and concise. Don’t be scared of it. Your camera phone will suffice, in one take. Script your main points, make sure you hit your marks and your idea will sell itself." Murry Toms, Organiser, raised £1,310 for Cheltenham Town Billboard, @murrytoms

How to utilize social media and marketing skills

"Tell your story and why you are appealing for public support. Show the difference that people can make from giving you money. Highlight the benefits. Send the press good images of what you are fundraising for and have real people involved in telling your story." Andy Walker, Press and Communications Officer, raised £51,395 for F.C. United of Manchester, @FCUnitedMcr

The download is helpful for all kinds of crowdfunding – from businesses, charities, community groups, films, games, sports projects, and individuals looking to raise funds to make their great idea a reality.

Tallie, Turning Earth

"This is a "must read" for anyone looking at starting a crowdfunding project!"

Tallie, Turning Earth