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6 star

Passive car safety system


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Passive car safety system

 I'm passionate about safety and I working at this project in last 11 years.

A new concept of Passive Car Safety System was born and called ''6star''.

 ''6star'' is an system designed to absorb and forward the crash force/kinetic energy for a car involved into crash (frontal, side and row) providing an maxim protection to the driver and passangers.

A Patent search it was done and my system is NOT patented/invented yet :-)

The system is NOT an electronic device, which increase the simplicity of the system.

An prototype is was done and tested with success on my own car.

Now is time for a professional test which will be done here in UK at the UK biggest Crash Test Centre.


With your help, I will make this system to become real and will be done an International Patent, Developed and Promoted the system at International Exhibitions at Geneva and London of Invention Fair on next year and then farther !

This is a huge opportunity to invest into Life Saver system, which I will make the system to be on market soon.

Well, now you know the ''6th star'' will come from UK (the higher safety rating)...

An massive opportunity for any company as sponsor for this project, to be promote at all International Exhibitons Fair, TV, media, etc !


Wall Mural for each pledge £35 or £160 (base on your size and theme)!