30 things for Happy Child

To raise money for Happy Child Preschool in Cairo, I will complete a list of 30 tasks in the 30 days before I turn 30.

While spending time in Cairo, I had the privilege of working part time at Happy Child Preschool teaching English to the children and teachers there. The preschool is part of a charity, Refuge Egypt (partners with the UK registered charity Egypt Diocesan Association which works with the Anglican Episcopal Church in Egypt), which supports refugees in Egypt, mainly from Sudan but also other countries such as Ethiopia and Syria. The children who attend the preschool are all refugees in Cairo. The team of teachers at the preschool work incredibly hard to make a positive difference to these childrens lives.

I am always up for a challenge and since I am turning 30 in October I wanted to use the opportunity to mark this milestone in my life to make a difference to the preschool in Cairo even though I am no longer there. I decided to complete 30 challenges in the 30 days leading up to my 30th birthday. 

These challenges are as follows:

1) Write a blog

2) Go to Chester (just coz!)

3) Read Great Expectations

4) Visit the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff

5) Write a poem

6) See the Blackpool Illuminations

7) Take a ferry across the Mersey

8) Make a balloon animal

9) Try archery

10) Watch all of the Lord of the Rings films

11) 24 hour social media fast

12) Make a youtube video

13) Plant a tree

14) Donate my hair to charity

15) Get a book signed by the author

16) Make  my Grandma's cake

17) Paint a self portrait

18) Meet someone who has acted in Doctor Who

19) Go to a Womens Super League match

20) Get the top of my ear pierced

21) Provide meals for the homeless

22) Dye my hair a crazy colour

23) Swim 100 lengths

24) Watch the sunset

25) Have a dinner party

26) 5k run

27) Climb a mountain

28) Make an adventure book

29) Take a selfie everyday for 30 days

30) 30 sit-ups every day for 30 days

Your support to help me complete these challenges and raise money for Happy Child Preschool is much appreciated!