23rd Wembley Cub Scouts do BG Survival Race 2016!

The 23rd Wembley Cubs are Here, To spread good will and happy cheer, Our community we serve with thanks!! Support our Scouts Group!

The 23rd Wembley Cubs are Here

To spread good will and happy cheer

Our community we serve with thanks

Volunteering at their food banks

Entertaining the old and sick

Bolstering whatever cause we pick

Adventuring and being green

Bringing style to the recycling scene

Learning skills to survive

Some faith in Muslims to revive

Engaging with our fellow peers

Making a difference for many years!


And if you seem to doubt our skills

You can always ask Bear Grylls!

His gruelling race did we survive

Against the elements did we strive

Through jungle, desert, mountain, ice

To build our characters and make us nice!


But as they say no pain no gain

And that's why we're doing it again!

But this time PLEASE fund our Group

To show Bear Grylls we aren't no fluke!

And we'll use the dosh for poorer scouts

So we can make sure they don't miss out!


We would be grateful for your money

Even if our poem wasn't funny

Our little link is shown below

Please wish us well before you go!