1st Africa Mental Health Conference

A Charities project Gaborone, South-East District, Botswana

Africa has been too silent on mental health but the challenges of mental illnesses grow everyday due peace threats,lack of food...

Africa has been too silent on mental health but the challenges of mental illnessess grow everyday due peace threats,lack of food security,high rates of unemployment,use of drugs as frustration reliefs,political instability.The voice of  Civic society in this sector has been too low and it is time to awake it.

An Botswana based organization called Botswana Network for Mental Health will be taking a lead in uniting Africa in terms of mental health.We will be organizing the 1st Africa Mental Health Conference on the 24th to the 26th of April 2017 ,in Gaborone Botswana.


To discuss and map a way forward as Civic societies on how to achieve t the mental health action plan 2013 -2020 which was introduced by World Health Organization(WHO).The action plan is just there but civic society is a enabling hand to policy implementation that is why we are embarking on such a project.

We will also launch the southern,east,north,west and central Africa mental health regional boards and also launch the United Africa mental health board.The functions of this boards will be to ensure that monitoring and evaluation of the action items agreed on at the conference are followed with a desired evaluated impact or otcome.

The conference will be open for professionals,Civic societies in the mental health sector and menhealth activist.As part of fundraising we will be charging the conference entrance fee and also selling conference t.shirts so as to raise funds for the MONITORING & EVALUATION PROCEDURES IN THE REGIONAL LEVELS.All the sponsored youth country representatives will be made to undertake a commitment clause so as to ensure that we dont waste resources on people who are not committed.

The Conference will be graced by both continental speakers and international who are yet to confirm with us.The online application of the conference will go live on the 1st on November 2016

We are sincerely appealling to everyone to assist us in realizing our dream of creating Africa who respects mental health and equally respect the mentally ill,who also avail resources to patient and finally STIGMA FREE