18 Indian Soldiers Martryed

Crowd funder to raise money for the families of those 18 martyrs who were savagely killed by terrorists in the town of Uri on 18th September

18 young Indian men lost their lives on Sunday 18th September in the town of Uri in what was has been coined “the deadliest attack on security forces in Kashmir in two decades”.  These were young men who were sons, brothers, fathers and husbands.  They were killed for no other reason than being soldiers who were doing their duty to protect India.  18 precious lives were robbed by barbarians and some deaths were due to being burned alive in an ambush by 4 heavily armed terrorists.  You can read further about the attack here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Uri_attack

I have started a crowd funder to raise money for the families, particularly mothers, wives and daughters of those who were killed.  I would like us to collectively raise money which can then be sent to direct to the families. This fund raiser isn’t just for Hindus and Sikhs living outside India, it is for anyone with humanity and compassion.  It is a fund raiser for all those who are patriotic about India, all those who have a loyal bond to India as well as anyone with empathy and respect for those who are willing to die on the front line so that millions can sleep comfortably at night.  For those of you who regularly travel or holiday to India safely, it’s due to the commitment of young men like this that you can do so. 

The reason I am doing this is because I want the NRI community at this dark hour to stand united and in one voice to express our support to the families of those who have perished.  This is a moment to stand united with the country of our origin and exemplify our loyalty to those families who have raised courageous heroes.  These people died serving the land of India and serving its people.  Please let us demonstrate that we do value their sacrifice, we do acknowledge their service and we do care about the welfare of those for whom these young men may have been the prime source of bread and butter.