12 Novels in a Year

The aim is to write, edit and self publish 12 novels in 365 days to promote indie publishing and raise money for charity.

Project aim

The aim is to write, edit and self publish 12 novels in 365 days to promote indie publishing and raise money for charity.

About the author

12 Novels in a single year? Are you mad?!

Welll, I've knocked off my first novel to reasonable acclaim achieving a semi finalist placement in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the Year Award 2013 - not bad from 10,000 entries down to just 25 and got a finalist position on the Historical Novel Society Awards so I'm doing something right. I have ideas coming from all pores and I just want the drive to finish them, unfortunately that requires some money to help with editing and proofreading....

About the project

12 Novels in a single year? Are you mad?!

It's a wild idea inspired by National Novel Writing Month, a desire to do more and is the brainchild of an independent author who is on a mission to:

- raise awareness for some serious issues;

- raise funds for some amazing causes;

- change his life and, at the same time, make some history;

- raise the profile of independent publishing.

In the space of one single year, I will be writing and publishing 12 novels (defined as between 40,000 to 80,000 words but aiming at the higher end), in a variety of genres and styles. Each novel will be a standalone book and not part of any series. Each book will have a subtle theme or message and will be dedicated to a certain charity. 50% of the profits from each book will go the chosen charity.

So, what exactly are you doing?

Starting 1 February 2016, I will be starting to write 12 novels. The themes, characters and plots are yet to be decided. You can help mould the direction of these books by supporting this project. There are many perks you can buy including naming the protagonists, signed copies of a single book or set of books. 

Each book will be published via Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing (ebook) and Createspace (paperback) as and when the final edits are approved. Each book will have its own jacket designed and I am hoping to work with some talented new designers along the way.

Each book will take 21 days to write, 5 days to edit and a few extra days to turn around a proof read plus have a break to start planning on the next novel.

I am effectively giving up some of my day job to do this and I will be blogging the entire process on my blog https://12novelsinayear.wordpress.com It might seem like a lot of money, but this project is all about time. There are basic costs for editing, coverwork and publishing plus publicity,administration fees, website and my own expenses for the year.

70% of the ongoing profits of each book will be donated to a chosen charity which may or may not have some connection to the themes or plot of the novel.

At this stage, the 12 charities will be from the following areas and a voting process will be launched in March to choose each charity:





Overseas Aid    

Mental Health                                                                   

Physical Disabilities


The Armed Forces or Emergency Services

The Arts                                                                                                                              

General, National Charity

General, Local Charity

What are the costs involved?

Each book will take me a month to write, edit and polish. There is also the cost of each book being professionally proof read and edited prior to publishing. In addition, I will also be paying for the cover design for each book at a cost 

How else can you help?

Well, you might not be able to contribute to the project but you, sure as surely, can help me promote this ambitious project. If you have a face on the book of face then you can spread  the word. If you tweet then tweet about this and if you know of anyone who wants to help promote this dual prong promotion of independent publishing and a big fat charity promotion then you can spread the word. 

Do you blog? Then blog about me. Interview me. Promote me. I will do anything to make this project work and I will reciprocate with my own blog by getting guest posts in.